Will go for general elections if Parliament refuses to allow Brexit to happen: Johnson

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LondonUpdated: Oct 22, 2019, 07:42 PM IST
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File photo of UK PM Boris Johnson. Photograph:(Reuters)

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Johnson has set October 31 as the deadline to pull Britain out of the European Union.

British PM Johnson told the Parliament on Tuesday that he will withdraw the Brexit deal and call for general elections if the Parliament does not pass the government's timetable.

Johnson has set October 31 as the deadline to pull Britain out of the European Union as British lawmakers vote today on two crucial Brexit bills, if the lawmakers fail to pass any of the bill it would be a huge setback for Conservative prime minister who has promised to take his country out of the 28-nation European body.

“I will in no way allow months more of this. If parliament refuses to allow Brexit to happen and instead gets its way and decides to delay everything until January or possibly longer, in no circumstances can the government continue. And with great regret, I must say the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward to a general election,” Johnson told British parliamentarians.

Johnson's government hopes to get the legislation through Britain's lower house the House of Commons by the end of Thursday.

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"I believe that if we do this deal, if we pass this deal and the legislation that enables it, we can turn the page and allow this parliament and this country to begin to heal and unite," he said.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Juncker told the European Parliament that everything had been done to make sure UK's departure is "orderly" as UK lawmakers prepared to vote today on the 115-page Withdrawal Agreement Bill and then vote on the government's extremely tight timetable for approving the legislation.

In his speech in Parliament, Johnson said that Brexit can be done which could also "de-escalate those no-deal preparations".

"We can get Brexit done and move our country on and we can de-escalate those no-deal preparations immediately and turn them off next week and instead concentrate on the great enterprise of building a new relationship of the closest cooperation and friendship, as I said on Saturday, with our European neighbour."