UK: Schools asked to focus on sensitive issues and avoid biased teaching

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New Delhi Updated: Feb 17, 2022, 10:21 PM(IST)

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A warning has also been given against teachers expressing their personal views

Under the new guidance, UK schools are being asked to teach sensitive issues in a non-biased way. The aim is to help teachers cover complex topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

As per Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi, no subject should be off-limits. 

A warning has also been given against teachers expressing their personal views.

The political impartiality in schools guidance, which has been published by the Department for Education has urged schools to think carefully while planning lessons and choosing class materials. 

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Schools have also been asked to try to resolve concerns raised by parents who feel that their children have been exposed to an 'uncontested political view.'

Ben Miskell, a citizenship and politics teacher, in a report by BBC said, "Teachers I come into contact with across the country in my role as an ambassador for the Association for Citizenship Teaching (Act) are all doing the same thing. It is rare for impartiality not to be seen, and where it is this is normally down to lack of training."

Promoting partisan political views in class is unlawful under the 1996 education act. This implies that if teachers present controversial political views in a lesson, they must also offer a balanced overview.

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