Top 10 world news: Indian PM says no winner in Ukraine war, EU accuses Apple of unfair practices, and more

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New Delhi, India Updated: May 02, 2022, 10:48 PM(IST)

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is on a three-day visit to Europe met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. Talking about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he said India is concerned about the conflict's humanitarian impact. Meanwhile, United States' Charge d'affaires ad interim to Ukraine Kristina Kvien while addressing the press has said that the country hopes to return to Kyiv to open its embassy by end of May. In other news, an investigation has uncovered a major security flaw in the gay-dating app Grindr.

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India concerned about humanitarian impact of Ukraine-Russia war, says PM Modi in Berlin

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. On the Ukraine-Russian conflict, India's prime minister said: "No party will emerge as victories in this war. We are for peace."

US charge d'affaires says Washington hopes to return to Kyiv by end of May

Kristina Kvien, the United States Charge d'affaires ad interim to Ukraine, has said that Washington hopes to return to Kyiv to open its embassy by end of May. Addressing a press conference in the western city of Lviv, she said "We very much hope that conditions will permit us to go back to Kyiv by the end of the month."

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett meets Islamist party leader for first time since suspension of coalition government

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met Islamist Ra'am Party's leader Mansour Abbas for the first time since the coalition government was effectively suspended. As per reports the meeting was held to smooth out differences so that the Islamist Party ends its boycott of the coalition. 

China's space seed breeding technology: Will it solve food security issue?

According to China's state-run Global Times, the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft undertook a "space breeding journey" to enhance food security. The report said China has allowed space seed breeding which uses cosmic radiation to mutate the genes of seeds being sent into space to make a new species. 

Investigation reveals that gay-dating application Grindr's data has been on sale for years

A recent investigation by the Wall Street Journal has discovered a big privacy flaw in Grindr, an app that caters to gay, homosexual individuals. Users' location information from the app has been on sale for years.

If it could help feed the planet, would you be open to eating vegetables fertilised with human pee?

Plants need nutrients to grow. Agriculture relies heavily on chemical fertilisers to provide these nutrients. But what if we tell you we can use pee instead? Yes, urine might be the solution to all our problems. Check out the story to find out more.

'Apple unfairly shielded its pay wallets': EU's antitrust case

The European Union on Monday accused Apple of blocking its rivals from its "tap-as-you-go" payment system.

In a move seen as a new front in the battle on mobile payment, the European Union said the phone giant "excluded others from the game" as it "unfairly shielded its Apple Pay wallets from competition".

Kevin Pietersen compares Virat Kohli with Cristiano Ronaldo, calls him India's 'greatest batter'

Virat Kohli, who is often regarded as one of the best batters of all time, has been backed by many to soon return to the top of his game amid his poor patch. Recently, former England cricket team captain Kevin Pietersen compared Kohli with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and explained how they both are like similar brands in their respective teams.

Heatwave passed over many parts of the country, Delhi to experience rain on May 3: IMD

Indian Meterological Department (IMD) has predicted that the temperature will drop in isolated parts of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, and Eastern Rajasthan starting today, while on the other hand Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Rajasthan will continue to remain hot.

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