Top 10 news: New Covid variant names, Trump's plans for 2024 elections & more

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New Delhi, India Published: Aug 08, 2021, 07:54 PM(IST)

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According to World Health Organization (WHO) expert Maria Van Kerkhove, the organisation is in the process of exploring new names for coronavirus variants. Currently, the WHO is using the Greek alphabet, of the 24 letters it offers, 11 have already been taken up. Expressing concern, she said that new variants of Covid may appear which might be able to avoid the existing vaccines. Reportedly, WHO is considering naming future variants after constellations.

In other news, according to former US President Donald Trump's onetime press secretary Sean Spicer, in spite of losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, Donald Trump will run for the US 2024 Election. He says that even though he was earlier not certain that Trump will run again, convincing him not to run for the post of President would be almost impossible.

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Constellation names for new Covid variants that could evade vaccines: WHO

An expert at the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that new variants of Coronavirus might emerge, which could cause the vaccines to no longer work.

Donald Trump to run for US Presidential election 2024, Sean Spicer claims

Even though he lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, Donald Trump will run for the US elections in 2024.

US averages 100,000 COVID-19 cases as Delta variant surges; Florida worst-hit

The US recorded 100,000 new Coronavirus cases each day for the past 7 days with Florida reporting 20,000 cases of Delta variant during this period as hospitalizations of minors increased substantially. 

Saudi compensates families of COVID-19 health worker victims

Since Saudi Arabia announced last year that each family would receive $133,000 after a health worker died of the Coronavirus, it has now begun compensating their families. 

'It’s about citizenship': Macron urges French locals to get vaccinated soon

In France, protesters took to the streets in response to President Macron's idea of a vaccination passport. Despite this, Macron has his sights set on vaccine passports and has appealed to citizens to band together to protect themselves and each other.

Cambodia begins booster shots to fight COVID-19

Cambodia has begun offering a third dose of COVID-19 booster shots on Sunday, switching between the AstraZeneca and Chinese versions of the vaccine. 

Saudi Arabia opens Umrah pilgrimage to vaccinated worshipers from abroad: Report

Beginning August 9, Saudi Arabia will take on vaccinated Umrah pilgrimage requests from abroad following a year and a half of not receiving them due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Upcoming UN climate report presents 'starkest warning yet'

Alok Sharma, COP26 president from the United Kingdom, described a forthcoming UN report on climate change as offering the international community its strongest warning about accelerating climate change.

Victoria to make AstraZeneca available to people under 40s

The Victorian government has decided to provide the AstraZeneca vaccine to under-40s at its state-run vaccine clinics.

UN condemns Zimbabwe child marriages after 14 year old girl dies giving birth

Child marriage in Zimbabwe has been condemned by the UN after 14-year-old girl died after giving birth in a church shrine. The death of the girl has caused outrage among citizens and human rights activists alike.

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