People come together to help elderly amid coronavirus mayhem: Report

Delhi Mar 25, 2020, 08.43 PM(IST) Written By: Wion Web Desk

Italy Photograph:( AFP )

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Covid-19 has been found to have been more fatal among elderly people.

India has come under a complete lockdown as shops remain closed and there is a crunch for essentials. 

The elderly in society are the most vulnerable. Covid-19 has been found to have been more fatal among elderly people. The government has failed to offer any solution yet and it is for the community to lend them a helping hand.

Across the world community efforts and governments are innovating ways to show their care for the elderly.

What happened in Italy following the coronavirus outbreak has a big lesson for India and other countries. After Japan, Italy has the biggest elderly population in the world. The high death toll in Italy explains how vulnerable is this section of the society in times of a pandemic.

More than 6000 persons have died in Italy so far and 76 per cent of those deaths were aged 70 to 90. Of the 60 million population in Italy, the elderly account for nearly 23 per cent.

India too has a high number of senior citizens aged above 60 years. 2011 census pegs this number at 104 million. By 2021, this population is expected to grow to 140 million. Presently, the country is under lockdown and the elderly are at a loss with nobody around for help. They have been advised not to venture out.

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As a community, we can provide them a helping hand. A Czech volunteer group called 'Help for Seniors' are the busiest these days. They help senior citizens with groceries, medical prescriptions, or pet walks. Similar groups are offering help to the elderly in Brazil.

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho was spotted contributing for a community project that helps the elderly with groceries. Similar community organisations are at work in Britain.

Serbia is opening its supermarkets early on Sunday exclusively for the elderly. Between 4 am and 7 am, those above 65 are allowed to shop for their essentials

This is a crucial time to save the elderly. Global communities have come forward to protect them, India too can take a lesson or two from this gesture.