'Lebanon's heart was shot': WION's exclusive ground report from Beirut

Edited By: Abhilash Mahajan WION
New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Aug 06, 2020, 09:35 PM(IST)

Beirut explosion: Cricket fraternity mourns horrific incident in Lebanon Photograph:( AFP )

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'The amount of devastation is indescribable,' Karol Yammine, a Lebanese journalist told WION

For the last many months, Lebanon is in the news for all terrible reasons and the massive blast on Tuesday at a Beirut port has made the situation even worse, with 137 fatalities and nearly 5,000 wounded so far. 

"The amount of devastation is indescribable," Karol Yammine, a Lebanese journalist told WION as she gave a ground report from the capital city of Beirut. 

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"The losses are more troubling because Lebanon is already in the middle of an economic crisis," she said adding that the hospitals are overwhelmed not just because of the blast, but also due to the coronavirus situation.

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Yammine said that not just the hospitals, but a lot of businesses have also been affected due to the blast as Beirut is "the home to" a lot of things, including restaurants and nightlife.
"It is the heart of Lebanon and was shot in the heart," the Lebanese journalist added. 

Yammine also talked about the economic situation of the country that deteriorated even further due to the blast.

She said even those who have survived have their homes shattered and for those who struggle to get food, renovation work will add insult to their injuries. 

Yammine said since hospitals are overburdened, people with minor injuries are being asked to not visit these facilities. 

She said that however, the country is seeing a lot of donation from countries and a visit from French President Emmanuel Macron has also given people some hope.

But, Yammine says people don't trust the government, so will the administration use the aid received by France and other countries in the right manner is to be seen.

She also spoke on the volunteering efforts shown by Lebanese as they took to streets to clean rubble and wreckage. 

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