'I cannot guarantee': Donald Trump backtracks on COVID-19 vaccine; Joe Biden slams his approach

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Washington, United States Published: Oct 23, 2020, 06:48 AM(IST)

(File Image) Donald Trump Photograph:( The New York Times )

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Trump said he has seen the effects of the said vaccine on himself and he is happy about it

During the final presidential debate of the US election 2020, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival and former Vice President Joe Biden talked about the novel coronavirus which has affected more than 7 million Americans.

Trump, for the first one, said he does not guarantee that the coronavirus vaccine will be available "soon".

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Talking about how the coronavirus has taken more than 100,000 lives in the country, Trump said he has seen the effects of the said vaccine on himself and he is happy about it.

At first, Trump said his administration will be available within a few weeks. However, when the moderator asked if he can guarantee it, Trump backtracked and said he cannot guarantee but he hopes it will be available within a few weeks.

When asked if his timeline is realistic as the medical experts have stated that the medicine will be available only till 2021 later, and people need to use masks till then to stay safe, Trump slammed his experts saying he has the support of army and he understands the power of it more than his medical experts.

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Biden, however, said that President who has been responsible for so many deaths 'should not remain as president'.

Trump's plan to fight coronavirus is mainly to wait for the vaccine, which he hopes will be available within few and the military can help in distribution. Biden, however, says he will urge people to wear masks and stay indoors as long as possible. He also guaranteed that he will not be shutting down the economy, but will come up with a thorough plan of reopening schools and business rather than rushing to reopen the institutions.

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