French President Macron arrives in Lebanon as Mustapha Adib named next PM

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BeirutUpdated: Sep 01, 2020, 08:12 AM IST


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France has spent its political capital in Lebanon that is reeling from a financial crisis even a swathes of Beirut lay in waste due to a devastating blast that took place in August.

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Lebanon on early hours of Tuesday as Lebanese political parties reached consensus on the next Prime Minister of Lebanon. France spent its political capital in Lebanon that is reeling from a financial crisis even as swathes of Beirut lay in waste due to a devastating blast that took place in August.

Macron is visiting Beirut for the second time in less than a month to press for a new government made up of experts untainted by corruption and capable of rooting out graft, waste and negligence as well as rebuilding after the August 4 explosion that wrecked large areas of Beirut, killing 190 people.

Macron tweets in Arabic:

Emmanuel Macron addressed the Lebanese people in an Arabic-language tweet, saying he had returned as promised to "work together to create necessary conditions for reconstruction and stability".

Macron began his trip to Beirut on Monday by visiting Fairouz, one of the Arab world`s most famous singers whose haunting voice has been Lebanon`s soundtrack from its glamorous heyday through its conflicts and latest trauma.

Anger at Lebanon`s political elite over an economic meltdown and this month`s devastating port blast was evident as Macron arrived at the home of the 85-year old artist, feted as a national treasure and symbol of peace, transcending factional and sectarian divides in Lebanon and beyond.

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Macron`s visit coincides with Lebanon`s centenary, at a time of profound doubts that it has a future as a viable state under the sway of former warlords and sectarian leaders loyal to different regional masters, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Macron made a series of phone calls to Lebanese leaders at the weekend that were vital to securing consensus on Adib.


"It was the pressure of his calls to everyone, the pressure of his coming to Lebanon, the pressure of everyone not wanting to upset him," a senior Lebanese politician said.

New Lebanese PM:

Lebanese political parties on Monday reached a consensus and the name of Mustapha Adib has been finalised as the country's next prime minister. Adib, who has Doctorate in Law and Political Science, later visited parts of Beirut that were devasted by the blast.

The explosion, in which volatile chemicals stored unsafely for years detonated, led to the resignation of the previous government, now acting as caretaker.

Mustapha Adib's name was suggested by previous prime ministers including Saad al-Hariri,  who heads the biggest Sunni Muslim party. Mustapha Adib has also won the support of the Hezbollah.

"The opportunity for our country is small and the mission I have accepted is based on all the political forces acknowledging that," said Adib