Filled with oppression, can China ever learn to live in peace?

WION Web Team
BeijingUpdated: Oct 12, 2021, 06:06 PM IST

China's People's Liberation Army (representative image). Photograph:(AFP)

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China has been allegedly intimidating numerous countries for several years. The increasingly aggressive country has been flexing its muscles in every direction. Will the nation ever learn the importance of peace

For some decades, China has been intimidating different nations and even its own countrymen in one or the other way.   

Be it sea or land, the increasingly aggressive China has been flexing its muscles everywhere. The incursions through land, water or air by the country seems to have become common now. It is one of the big contributors in the disturbance of peace.  

Around 17 countries have one or the other territorial disputes with the Asian giant. These include Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, India, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia and Myanmar.    

The communist nation seems to have become a nightmare for several countries in regions, such as South China Sea, East China Sea, Indian Sub-continent and around whole of Asia.   

In most cases, the country is making unfounded claims and has been persistent to pursue them with all its might in the name of safeguarding its sovereignty.   

It’s rhetoric about some issues has become very common. It has also been indulging in war of words with the US, EU, Australia and other nations. Sanctions and trade wars have become common in its arsenal.  

It has also been accused of stealing technology or using its infamous Belt and Road initiative to put nations in debt crisis. Several nations are still facing its brunt.  

As if this was not enough, it has been using air shows, regional groupings and other platforms to pursue its veiled agenda.  

Not just in the rest of the world, its ruling Chinese Communist Party has been making all-out efforts to ensure the citizens live under tight control of the regime.   

Several guidelines, regarding playing games, cartoons, internet usage, etc have come up or are in the making.   

It has also been hell-bent to crackdown on several big companies of the country in the name of different regulations.

The worst affected due to the high-handedness are the people of Hong Kong as there has been no change in the situation even after so many protests in the city.   

Several people of the city are either living in fear or making arrangements to leave the country.  

In a nutshell, all of these actions of the Chinese Communist Party seem to be a way to tighten its grip on power.   

Only time will tell, when the Chinese intimidation will stop in all corners of the world.  

Let’s see when the country’s rulers learn to live in peace and work for the common god of the world, which is the very basis of communism. Well, the whole notion of communism seems to have been lost now.