Did Chris Evans confirm Captain America will die in 'Avengers: Infinity War'?

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USA Published: Mar 23, 2018, 04:47 AM(IST)

Chris Evans as Captain America. Photograph:( Pinterest )

Avengers: Infinity War has been making a lot of news ever since the new trailer for the upcoming film was released earlier this week -- featuring close to all superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

While fans are gearing up to watch Marvel Studios' one-of-a-kind film -- there is also a fear that we might lose one or two superheroes towards the end of the film. Also Read: 'Avengers: Infinity War' breaks ticket-sales record in the US

Most expected to go is Captain America, the first Avenger -- who by most standards, can easily be called Marvel Universe's soul. 

This is not a drill as Chris Evans who plays the Avenger almost confirmed his non-return as his contract comes to an end with this film. He had a six-movie contract with Marvel Studios which was extended to seven as Infinity War is divided into two parts. But he won't be coming back post-that. Also Read: New 'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer teases fans with Wakanda battle as 'Black Panther' earns big at the box office

In an interview with a leading New York-based daily, Chris Evans said: "You want to get off the train before they push you off."

But this only means that we might not see Chris Evans as Captain America and that the character might survive. However, fans believe that once Steve Rogers dies in the movie in 2019, MCU will not resurrect the character with another star face. 

The idea got solidified when the Russo Brothers, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, as well as Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, warned fans of a heartbreak that can be expected from the next instalment in the MCU.

Also in the comic books, Thanos (the villain) ends up killing everyone, so who knows which characters, apart from Captain America presumably, will be on his hit list for the film?

Avengers: Infinity War will hit UK cinemas on April 26 and US theatres on April 27. Also Read: Good news! 'Avengers: Infinity War' to release in India a week before US


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