Customers tired of hearing 'due to Covid' as an excuse: Study

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London, United Kingdomm Updated: Jul 07, 2021, 05:43 PM(IST)

 British prime minister has been under pressure from businesses and from members of his governing Conservative Party to ease the lockdown. Photograph:( AFP )

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Study revealed customers are frustrated with getting Covid as an excuse for late deliveries and poor services from businesses

Recent research has revealed that customers are now fed up with getting Covid as an excuse for bad service at shops and businesses.

The UK Institute of Customer Service said customers were considerate of the Covid excuse at first when the pandemic had sent the world into a lockdown. However, now, as the world is learning to live with the deadly coronavirus, customers feel eateries and other businesses are using Covid as an excuse.

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Customers, who were a part of this study, said they were tolerant of delay at the beginning as they understood the businesses were struggling to adjust to the new normal. Things, however, should change now and Covid should not be used as a blanket excuse, a study revealed.

This study has come after an increase in complaints was recorded in the last two years. The number of complaints regarding bad service in the last six months has been the highest since 2009, a survey revealed.

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Leading sectors in poor service with Covid as a blanket excuse are transport, local public services and telecommunications.

"Saying 'because of Covid' is not a good phrase," said Jo Causon, the institute's chief executive. "Organisations must not hide behind this blanket statement."

The researchers advised businesses and retailers to be honest with their customers with regard to delays in deliveries. This request has also come after several businesses saw a delay in delivery owing to the Evergreen ship getting stuck at the Suez Canal.

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