Bride says 'I do' from window after testing positive for COVID-19

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California, United States Updated: Dec 04, 2020, 05:51 PM(IST)

COVID bride Photograph:( Twitter )

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The ceremony lasted for 45 minutes and was attended by a total of 10 guests, all of whom had first tested negative for the virus

A California couple had been eagerly waiting for their wedding after four years of staying together. However, the couple was hit with a difficult situation as the bride-to-be tested positive for the novel coronavirus a few days before the big day.

Lauren and Patrick Delgado got engaged in May 2019. The couple was scheduled to get married this year but as the pandemic took over the world, the happy couple had to first change the venue and then their guest list, several times. To make everything worse, when the couple finally did manage to organise their dream wedding amid a pandemic, the bride tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

"Everything that could go wrong did go wrong," Delgado told local reporters. "I was really saddened because everything we had planned was already getting cancelled."

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However, the couple decided that this time they will have to fight off the bad omen of 2020 and come up with a solution. What they came up with has won the hearts of people all over the world. Dressed in a white traditional bridal gown, Lauren appeared in her window on the day of her window and the couple decided to say "I do" from a distance.

The ceremony took place outside the bride's house in Ontario, California. Patric, the 27-year-old groom, was standing outside the bride's house in a grey suit. Lauren peeked from her second-floor window, and a white piece of long cloth connected the two lovebirds throughout the ceremony. "It was a way of holding each other’s hand despite being so far away from each other," the bride explained.

This ceremony lasted for 45 minutes and was attended by a total of 10 guests, all of whom had first tested negative for the virus. Some of the guests even watched the happy couple tie a knot from their cars, to make sure they do not contract the deadly virus.

"I was just so happy and excited to be surrounded by my closest loved ones there," she said. "It wasn’t about a big wedding, it was just about celebrating our love and life together."

She will be staying at her parents' place for the rest of her recovery period. "It's almost like a funny story we'll one day tell our children," she continued. "Like, we couldn’t sleep in the same bed the same day we got married."

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