America's allies and rivals watch US election results closely

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New Delhi Updated: Nov 04, 2020, 10:45 PM(IST)

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This is the defining moment for the entire world. The 2020 elections have not just divided Americans, it has created failures in the western bloc

America's allies and rivals are closely watching the result of US election 2020. A tight election is always exciting to watch. Even more so when the prize is the White House. The world is watching America closely. Its choice will shape the world for the next four years.

For American allies, its a situation they face every four years. Partners like the UK aren't too worried about the results. The fundamentals of their relationship remain strong. 

"The UK-US relationship is in great shape and we're confident that it will go from strength to strength, whichever candidate wins the election," said Dominic Raab, UK Foreign Secretary

But if it is a toss-up between Trump and Biden, Europe will be backing the Democrat. Trans-Atlantic ties have deteriorated under Trump. A Biden victory would reset the relationship.

Some officials are not hiding their preference. Chairman of Germany's Foreign Affairs Committee tweeted on election night saying that Germany was not prepared to work with Trump anymore. 


One ally that would be rooting for Trump is Israel. Trump's efforts to normalise ties with the Arab world have not been forgotten.

"If the policy of the next U.S president will be a continuation of the current policy, it will be able to lead to more peace agreements, a concessionary policy will get the peace deals stuck," said Eli Cohen, Israeli Intelligence Ministry

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So the allies are divided. What about America's rivals?

For the likes of China and Iran, the election is make-or-break.

China's state newspaper Global Times is openly mocking the elections and comparing it to disputed polls in developing nations. Beijing has realised that there is bipartisan support for a tougher stance on China.

Officially, it says that it has no position on the issue.

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"The U.S. election is its internal affairs. China doesn't take a position on this issue," said Wang Wenbin, Spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On Iran, the two candidates differ substantially. Trump is likely to continue his maximum pressure campaign. But Biden might consider restarting talks. A Biden victory bodes well for Iran.

But much like China, It is not making its preference known.

"The outcome of the U.S. presidential election will not have an impact on our policy (towards the United States). Our policy is clear and does not change. It does not matter to us who comes and goes," said Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamanei.

This is the defining moment for the entire world. The 2020 elections have not just divided Americans, it has created failures in the western bloc. The world is watching with bated breath as the American election goes down the wire.

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