Pakistan's security agencies found no credible evidence of ‘foreign plot’ against Imran govt

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NEW DELHIUpdated: Apr 05, 2022, 07:54 PM IST
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Pakistan PM Imran Khan claims US official Donald Lu involved in alleged conspiracy to topple his government. Imran Khan accused western country of backing opposition to oust him.

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Pakistan's security agencies had not found any credible evidence to confirm Khan's complaint of a foreign conspiracy to overthrow him, an official with knowledge of the matter, who declined to be identified.

A source familiar with the situation told Reuters on Tuesday that Pakistan's security agencies had not discovered solid proof to back up Prime Minister Imran Khan's claim of a "foreign conspiracy" to destabilise his government. 

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the deputy speaker of the National Assembly said that the National Security Committee, a high body made up of civilian authorities, military and intelligence heads, had confirmed a plan against him.

The official, who is briefed on such matters, said the security agencies had not reached the same conclusion as Imran Khan and had informed him of their position.

Meanwhile, a hearing to determine the constitutionality of Prime Minister Imran Khan's blocking of an opposition effort to depose him has been postponed till Wednesday by Pakistan's Supreme Court, causing political uncertainty in the nuclear-armed Islamic Republic. 

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Last week, Imran Khan lost his parliamentary majority, and he was facing a no-confidence vote from a united opposition, which he was anticipated to lose on Sunday.

The proposal was thrown out by the deputy speaker of parliament, who ruled it was part of a "foreign conspiracy" and unconstitutional. 

President Arif Alvi on PM Imran’s directives then dissolved parliament.

At a public rally, Imran stated last week that the opposition parties were hatching a "foreign-funded plan" to destabilise his government through a vote of no-confidence motion. 

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