First target is to destroy Pakistan: ISIS-K blames Islamabad for Afghanistan chaos

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NEW DELHIUpdated: Nov 02, 2021, 03:14 PM IST

(Representative image) Islamic State. Photograph:(DNA)

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A Daesh member, Nazifullah, also said that the ISIS-K has the competence to wreak havoc on the state of Afghanistan despite being outnumbered by the Taliban.

The Islamic State of Khorasan (ISIS-K), also known as Daesh-Khorasan in Afghanistan, has announced that its uncompromising goal remains unchanged.

ISIS-K warned that anybody who went against Islam or opposed the Quran would face the terror group's wrath, referring to the aim as the adoption of Sharia rules. 

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According to an ISIS Khorasan (ISIS-K) member in Afghanistan, the group's goal is to destroy Pakistan.

According to reports, Nazifullah, an ISIS-K member, blamed Pakistan for all that is going on in Afghanistan.

For ISIS-K, which seeks to establish a presence in Afghanistan, the Taliban is an opponent. 

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"Our first target is to destroy Pakistan because the main reason for everything in Afghanistan is Pakistan. When the Taliban were here (even as the previous government still reigned), they said that we controlled 80 per cent of the country, but they were not implementing Islamic rulings. That's why we stood up and started (ISIS-K) over here in this area, " knewz quoted Nazifullah, a member of ISIS-K, as saying.

According to him, Afghanistan has gone from bad to worse since the Taliban, whom he accuses of "destroying the country" took the helm some two-and-a-half months ago.

"We want to implement Shariah Law. We want to implement the way our Prophet was living, the way he was clothed, the dressing hijab was there. Currently, we don't have much to fight. But if you give me anything, I am going to fight Pakistan now," knewz quoted Nazifullah as saying.

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