Pakistani businessmen allegedly involved in illicit acquisition of nuclear missile technology

WION Web Team Washington City, District of Columbia, United States of America Jan 18, 2020, 02.05 PM(IST)

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Pakistan became a nuclear weapon and ballistic missile power through theft and subterfuge, despite barely having any base in science and technology.

Pakistan is allegedly involved in nuclear smuggling and illicit acquisition of missile technology.

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Five Pakistani businessmen have been indicted in the United States. They have been accused of operating an international network of front companies to export US-origin products to Pakistan for use in the country’s nuclear programme.

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It has once again been caught in the act with the indictment of five Pakistanis who were associated with a Rawalpindi-based front company business world.

The US statement indicates that the busting of the Pakistani smuggling ring also has security bearing on India.

The alleged behaviour of these five individuals is more than a violation of US export laws.

It has posed a potential threat to the national security interests of the united states and the delicate balance of power among nations within the region.