India, several other nations receive faulty coronavirus test kits from China

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Apr 16, 2020, 09:03 PM IST


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Scientists and health authorities in Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom got faulty test kits.

There is a worldwide scramble for medical gear to fight coronavirus. Masks, gowns, ventilators and the most important - testing kits.  They are all in short supply. 

China has a firm grip on these medical supplies and now, it is using exports to repair its image. China wants to be called a world leader in this fight.

The only problem is - quality control. Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, and Britain  - they all have received faulty supplies from China.

And now, sources say India has received faulty Chinese personal protection equipment. 

Personal protection equipment(PPE) is the body armor for our doctors on the frontlines of the COVID-19 epidemic. Gloves, mask and gown make up one PPE kit with every doctor treating coronavirus patients needing them.

PPE is the shield that protects the health services soldiers against the virus. India needs more of it because faulty equipment is setting back the fight against coronavirus.

India received a faulty batch of PPE about 50,000 Chinese kits failed quality tests. They were donated to Indian officials. Meanwhile, the list of complaints against faulty medical kits from China is growing. 

Scientists and health authorities in Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom got faulty test kits. These governments reportedly paid millions of dollars to Chinese companies to procure them.

Georgia wanted to buy rapid coronavirus tests from China. It has now suspended the agreement. The Netherlands wants to return 600 thousand face masks purchased from China. The N95 masks did not fit properly and the filters didn't work.

When the Dutch officials ordered a recall, Beijing did not apologize. Instead, China blamed the Netherlands.

The Chinese foreign ministry said that Dutch the government should read the instructions on the box. China may try to deny and deflect but, the problem is China faces a real struggle when it comes to quality control.

Until March 12, Chinese officials seized millions of pieces of faulty equipment. It includes more than 80 million faulty masks and 37000 defective or fake disinfectants.

Counterfeiting has not stopped in China. Now, Chinese traders are exporting faulty equipment to the world. Often in India, the term "Made in China" is used as a synonym for defective products.

The world's worst-affected countries are now using the same description for Chinese coronavirus supplies.