Criminal cases in Goa decrease by 67%

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PanajiUpdated: May 09, 2020, 04:00 PM IST
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The number of criminal cases in Goa decreased as the tourisms reduces.

As Goa is preparing to go back to their normal life, Shobit Saxena, SP Special Branch on Saturday told the media that the number of criminal cases in Goa has decreased drastically.

So, now since the lockdown began, all tourism activities have been suspended. While that has led to a drastic decrease in the revenue generated, the suspension of tourism has led to good news too.

Due to the decrease in tourism, the number of criminal cases in Goa has reduced by as much as 67 per cent. There has also been a major reduction in drug seizures. This is a result of less demand, as the tourists are not present in Goa anymore.

Goa has always been a tourist location and has attracted tourists from India as well as abroad. The economy of Goa mainly depends on tourism. So, the lockdown has caused major financial problems for the people involved in tourism business.

"We have to recreate the Goa of the 1960s to kickstart our tourism again. In 1960s, Goa was beautiful and now in 2020 it is very different with more than 8 million visiting tourists," said Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar.

"What we are trying to do along with experts, is to take Goa back to the 1960s. We do not want tourists who consume drugs, cook on our roads or who create nuisance on beaches. We want good tourists who are wealthy and who can appreciate Goa and its culture," he continued.

Goa was applauded for the way it handled the coronavirus pandemic situation. It was declared as a green zone, after all the patients were successfully treated and discharged before the lockdown 2.0 ended.

However, Goa government has carried on with partial lockdown 3.0, but with few relaxations for the public.