'To All The Boys: Always and Forever' star Lana Condor reveals why she didn't date Noah Centineo in real life

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New Delhi Published: Feb 12, 2021, 05:36 PM(IST)

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Their natural chemistry throughout the franchise let fans ship them in real life, hoping they'd become a real-life couple, even though Condor has been dating actor-singer Anthony De La Torre since 2015. 

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, the stars of Netflix's 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before', the franchise have a lot of shippers but the actor thinks it was the best idea to not date Noah while filming. 

"We love each other in a very friendship way and there's real love there, but I think in an alternate universe - I can't even imagine - if we would've dated, I think it would've ruined the movies," Condor, who stars as Lara Jean Song Covey in the trilogy, told Entertainment Tonight. 

Centineo, who rose to become Internet's boyfriend,  Peter Kavinsky post the release of the first film, shared similar comments, saying that "it's important to have a high level of professionalism when going to work."

"I think beyond that it was very natural for Lana and I to settle into a place of friendship," he said. "We've had each other's back from the very first day that we met."

Condor and Centineo became breakout stars following the release of 'TATB' in August 2018. The popularity of the film led to two more installments, also based on Jenny Han's book series of the same name.

The second installment, 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,' was released in February 2020. The third and final film titled 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever' released recently and is streaming on Netflix. Read the review here.

Condor previously admitted that she "felt something" for her costar, but they made a pact to keep their relationship platonic.

Condor said there are plenty of examples of costars who have dated and broken up over the course of a project - like 'Twilight' stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - and the thought of working with an ex is incomprehensible to her. 

"I could not even imagine working in a romantic setting with an ex," she said. "That sounds like an actual nightmare."

She continued: "It's a literal miracle that all of us still feel so much love towards each other because when you spend that much time with each other and your whole worlds are changing together a lot could happen."

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