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Shahid Kapoor slams critics over 'Kabir Singh' reviews: Who are you to judge what somebody can like or dislike

Kiara Advani and Shahid Kapoor in a still from 'Kabir Singh'. (Image via Youtube grab) Photograph:( Others )

WION Web Team New Delhi Jul 24, 2019, 12.49 PM (IST)

Sandeep Vanga Reddy's 'Kabir Singh' may have given Shahid Kapoor his career's biggest hit, but the film has been criticized by critics across for its misogynist storyline. And while the filmmaker did react to all the criticism and defended the violence projected in the film as an act of love, the film's leading man maintained a stoic silence over the matter untill now.

In a recent interview to a leading entertainment, Shahid, for the first time since the film's release, reacted to the criticism that the film has drawn. "That’s so hypocritical when you see people in Hollywood do these things, “wow, wow, wow! so brave!”, somebody does it out here, “how dare you!” yeh kya hai? Have the same standard no?”

Explaining why he had not reacted to all the negative reviews earlier, Shahid said, "The reason I didn’t do any interviews before was because I felt everyone was very aggressive and I felt that was not healthy. I didn’t want to come out attacking anybody. I didn’t want to come out defending the film. I wanted to speak about a film like how a film should be spoken about - on merit, you can have healthy conversations. The beauty of art is that everyone can have a different point of view and that’s totally okay.”

According to the actor, the character of Kabir Singh of both the protagonist as well as the antagonist of the film. "He is the guy who the film is about, he is the guy who is the problem. And actually Kabir has only one problem, there is nothing else wrong with Kabir. He has an anger management problem." 

Shahid questioned those who had a problem with the violence in the film. "If Kabir hadn’t slapped Preeti, that one thing Kabir hadn’t done, would it be okay for everything else that he did? Because he slapped the girl, you feel that is unacceptable and therefore Kabir is an unacceptable character. We want you to feel that. We want you to feel that this is unacceptable, his behaviour has gone beyond control, I cannot like this guy, I don’t want to like this guy. That’s why the entire second half of the film is his fall. He is peeing in his pants in the interval of the film." 

Shahid argued that film critics across the country baselessly attacked his film. “I am totally okay if somebody sees the film and says, “I didn’t like the film, I don’t know why they made a film like this” but what people got upset about is when the same person said, “if you like this film na, you are a very bad person, how can you like this film” who are you to judge what somebody can like and not like and how do you know what their reasons for liking it are also.”

While he was critical of the reviews, he mentioned how he was overwhelmed by the love the film got from the audience. “That is why for the first time in movies that I remember, the reviewers have been reviewed by the audience." the actor said. 

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In a recent interview to a leading entertainment, Shahid, for the first time since the film's release, reacted to the criticism that the film has drawn.