Caitlyn Jenner calls out Jimmy Kimmel for mocking her California governor candidacy

Washington DC, USAUpdated: Jun 14, 2021, 10:53 AM IST
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the comedian took time out of his 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' monologue Friday to mock Jenner for her appearance on 'The View'

American TV personality Caitlyn Jenner recently called out Jimmy Kimmel after the late-night host compared the California gubernatorial candidate to former President Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, the comedian took time out of his 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' monologue Friday to mock Jenner for her appearance on 'The View', in which she discussed her run for governor of California. Kimmel opened the bit by referring to her as "Caitlyn Jenner Car-crashian," referencing the 2016 crash she was involved in.

The collision killed a woman, Kim Howe after the SUV Jenner was driving pushed her car into oncoming traffic. With that, Kimmel played a brief clip of Jenner on 'The View' before mocking her as "Donald Trump in a Caitlyn Jenner wig." He continued, "Because, I mean the resemblance is uncanny. Really they`ve got all the same kind of moves."

"The interview was a lot of nonsense; she`s just trying to get attention. Caitlyn Jenner has a better chance of being the next Batman than the governor of California. She knows little to nothing about anything really," Kimmel concluded.

Following the broadcast, the 71-year-old former Olympian took to Twitter to call out Kimmel and accuse him of transphobia and racism. Jenner wrote, "Last night @jimmykimmel called me Donald Trump with a wig. He obviously believes that trans women are simply men with wigs on. Where is the outrage from the left or LGBT community? Being WOKE must be optional if you are a Democrat."


In follow-up tweets, Jenner called Kimmel a "hypocrite" for getting a pass from "the WOKE" for his previous use of blackface while impersonating NBA legend Karl Malone. However, Kimmel issued an apology last year after facing backlash over his impression of Malone.


Jenner also called out Kimmel for a past bit on `The Man Show` in which he invited women on the street to touch his crotch and play "Guess what's in my pants."


"Also @jimmykimmel got a pass from the WOKE while he asked women to fondle him in public. His treatment of women is wrong. Disgusting. Vile," Jenner wrote.

She concluded her jabs at the late-night host by bringing up a 2013 incident in which he caught backlash over a joke about killing Chinese people."Sad that @jimmykimmel has contributed to #AAPIHate. Is there any group he won`t attack? Jimmy, it`s time to #StopAsianHate," she wrote.As per Fox News, Jenner is hoping to unseat California Governor Gavin Newsom. She recently appeared on `America`s Newsroom` last month to discuss her run, noting that she hopes to "restore hope" to the state after Newsom "destroyed hope."