Why US midterm polls are crucial for both Republicans and Democrats

Campaign signs are seen outside a polling station on the last day of early voting. Photograph:( Reuters )

WION Web Team Washington, DC, USA Nov 05, 2018, 06.22 PM (IST) Puniti Pandey

The midterm elections in the United States, scheduled for November 6, will decide the future powers of president Donald Trump and the possible impact of his policies on the world.

The referendum will give an idea of the general perception that the people have developed for Trump over the period of his presidency giving a real picture of Trump's popularity.

The change of power in the legislature will have a further impact on how Trump administrative functions in the remaining tenure.

If they make major strides, the Democrats will have the right to launch new policies, though a presidential approval is required on the bills for them to become a law.

The victory of the rival Democratic party in either the House of Representatives or the Senate might put a halt on the various projects launched by the Republicans.

For instance, the revamp of the tax system and the rollback of Obamacare will not be possible if the Democrats come back to power after the midterm polls.

The Democratic Party may even open an investigation into various policies of the Trump administration.

A report in CNN cited sources as familiar with the President as saying that Trump is "genuinely concerned" about the outcome of elections.

In an extreme situation, the Democrats may also initiate impeachment against Trump.

The elections also play an important role for countries that have engaged with Trump during the recent development.

Earlier, the elections did hold much importance for China, however, Trump's recent trade policies have made Beijing curious about the result of the congressional elections.

A media report cited an expert on US studies in China as saying that the people of the country were expecting a change in the US-China relations after the elections.

China hopes that the US may liberalise some of its policies against China after Trump faces a political setback. US and China have been launching escalating import tariffs at each other since March.

The victory of Democrats may also influence Trump's policies with North Korea. The leader of the nuclear-armed North Kim Jong Un held an unprecedented summit with US President Donald Trump in Singapore in June where the two leaders aimed at denuclearizing the North Korea region.