'We have a responsibility': UK PM pledges to give £50 million to help the Afghan women

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Rome, Italy Published: Oct 31, 2021, 04:55 PM(IST)

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a news conference at 10 Downing Street, in London Photograph:( AFP )

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Meanwhile, Taliban claim that they have been giving equal opportunity to women and girls, with limitations according to the Muslim Law.

As the G20 summit comes to a conclusion, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to give £50 million to help the women and girls stuck in the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

"The UK will give £50m to that end, and I urge the G20 to prioritise the rights of women and girls in all our international development efforts," he tweeted.


He has also urged international leaders and organisation to come together and help the women and girls who are stuck in unsafe Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. Even though Taliban have been claiming that this time they will be following changed thought process and women will be allowed to work, study and participate openly in public activities.

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The terrorist organisation also claimed that women and girls will now be safer, when compared to their old regime, and will have equal rights.

However, the recently released announcements regarding schools and universities reopening have either seen girls being left out, or being subjected to several restrictions such as shorter lectures, segregated classrooms, compulsory face coverings and many more.

"We have a responsibility to help those in Afghanistan most at risk under the Taliban regime, particularly women and girls," Johnson tweeted.

Meanwhile, Taliban claim that they have been giving equal opportunity to women and girls, with limitations according to the Muslim Law. In an exclusive interview with WION's Anas Mallick, Taliban's Minister for Commerce and Industries Nooruddin Azizi, declined reports of women not getting their jobs back.


"The international community only looks and focuses on Kabul only which is not the only part of Afghanistan. Even in Kabul there are organisations and departments where we have women presence available such as medical, education and several other sectors," Azizi started explaining. "However these pine-nuts and some others are coming from other provinces where agriculture is main part of the income and Afghanistan's new government is preparing to make work platform for women to work under Islamic and Traditional Afghan community."

He claimed that women are being offered their jobs but are being limited from the hard field work. For example, they are not currently involved in picking out the pine nuts from trees as authorities believe it is a hard job which cannot be done by women. Other than that, he claims, women "are currently and practically taking part in the process because this is an extremely sensitive work which can not be done by anybody else so women are taking part in it".

This announcement has come at a time when Taliban have been urging international organisations and governments to unfreeze foreign assets of Afghanistan to ensure that financial stability returns to the nation.

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