Top 10 world news: China lashes out at US, UN to discuss probing systematic abuses in Palestine and more

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 28, 2021, 01:29 PM IST

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Top 10 world news today: We bring to you the biggest headlines of May 27, 2021 in this daily newsletter. Following US Presiden Joe Biden's order to the US intelligence community asking to report on possible coronavirus origins within 90 days, Chinese President Xi Jinping's government has alleged that the US was attempting to make a "scapegoat" out of China. The Chinese foreign ministry also lashed out at the US stating that the US intelligence has a "notorious" track record. Meanwhile, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, while addressing a special session of UN, said that based on a lack of evidence that the attacked buildings were being used for military purposes, Israel's recent deadly airstrikes in Gaza may constitute 'war crimes'. In other news, North Korea's Kim Jong-un has issued yet another bizarre order, this time banning skinny jeans, ripped jeans, mullet hairstyle and certain piercings so as to avoid "western", "capitalistic lifestyle" from seeping into the country. Don't forget to click on the headline to read the full story!

A day after US President's order for a probe into coronavirus origins, China ccuses US of attempting to make a scapegoat out of China. 

Based on a proposal, the UN Human Rights Council will discuss creating a broad, international investigation into violations surrounding the latest Gaza violence, but also of "systematic" abuses in the Palestinian territories and inside Israel.

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet Israel's recent deadly airstrikes in Gaza may constitute 'war crimes' as there is a lack of evidence which can prove that showed that the attacked buildings were used for military purposes.

Citing the coronavirus pandemic, the Hong Kong police has for the second year in a row banned the June 4, vigil marking Beijing's deadly Tiananmen Square crackdown. 

China calls the decision to ban the Australian ambassador to China from the trial of writer and academic Yang Jun, "lawful and reasonable", saying that the trial involves "state secrets".

Following a shooting at a rail yard that resulted in the attacker killing nine co-workers, California Governor Gavin Newsom, has expressed his didain over the increasing cases of gun violence in America. He said: "It begs the damn question, what the hell is going on in the United States of America?. 

Amid the escalation of conflict between the Myanmar army and the forces opposing military rule, Myanmar's Roman Catholic leader Charles Maung Bo, the Archbishop of Yangon has called for attacks on places of worship to end.

In a speech at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, French President Emmanuel Macron recognises the role his country played in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently announced a list of banned fashion and hairstyles in the region’s state-run newspaper which includes skinny jeans and ripped denim.

Planning to 'dream big' Canadian Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne has announced that Canada in collaboration with NASA will land a robotic rover on the Moon by 2026. He said that the aim is to make Canada a world leader in research, technology and innovation.