'These are war crimes': Ukraine President Zelensky fights back tears during Bucha visit

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BuchaUpdated: Apr 05, 2022, 10:43 AM IST
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Russia called for a UN Security Council meeting as it described the Bucha killings as  'heinous provocation of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha'

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky fought back tears as he visited Bucha where civilians were reportedly murdered by Russian troops.

"These are war crimes and it will be recognised by the world as genocide," the Ukraine president said, adding, "We know that thousands of people have been killed and tortured with extremities cut off, women raped, children killed."

Reports claimed there were mass graves found in Bucha, however, Russia said the accusation was "fake". The bodies of five men were reportedly found in Bucha who were unnamed civilians. The bodies were discovered with hands reportedly tied to their backs.

Amid the accusation, Russia called for a UN Security Council meeting as it described the Bucha killings as  "heinous provocation of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha." 

However, US President Joe Biden emphatically declared: "He is a war criminal" referring to President Putin.

"What's happening to Bucha is outrageous and everyone's seen it," the US president said, adding, "We have to gather all the details to have a war crimes trial." 

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The Ukraine president is due to address the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday even as Ukrainian prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova said bodies of 410 civilian bodies were found in the Kyiv region.

Amid scenes of mass killings, Mariupol's mayor said 90 per cent of the city has been destroyed amid large scale Russian bombing.

The city has been without water, electricity or food for weeks as several thousand residents remained trapped. The mayor said there was "incessant" bombings on the city which had hampered evacuation efforts.

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