The global backlash against French President Emmanuel Macron

New Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Gravitas deskUpdated: Nov 03, 2020, 08:12 AM IST


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French President Macron is currently facing backlash from leaders of the Islamic world

French President Macron is currently facing backlash from leaders of the Islamic world. Supporters of French President Macron have been facing violence in Bangladesh, and homes have been burned over a Facebook post.

People are protesting in most countries with a large Muslim population, even when their governments have condemned the attacks in France.

Posters and effigies of Emmanuel Macron have been subjected to the wrath of these protesters. In Dhaka, they attacked with shoes and brooms. In Jakarta, they tried a mock beheading. Indonesia has the highest muslim population in the world. The anger against France and its leader is palpable.

In Gaza, they burnt an effigy of Macron. What began with Erdogan's insults, Imran Khan's insinuations, and Mahathir Mohamad's defence of violence has now become a global protest.

The second wave of coronavirus hasn't stopped the islamists from taking to the streets. Over the last week, they have broken every social distancing rule to protest against France and its president.

Hardliners in Pakistan have been relentless in their campaign. Over the weekend, they took to the streets in Karachi, and brunt an effigy of Emmanuel Macron, and also tried to stage a  protest near the French consulate.

Protesters tried to break through barricades outside the french embassy in Islamabad. Undeterred by the protests, the French government has refused to end its campaign against extremists.

Security has been heightened across French embassies worldwide. Paris fears that its diplomatic missions could become the target of an attack. Three islamic leaders started this campaign against Macron and his government.

With insults and boycott calls, their provocations whipped up the anger of Muslims.