Texas bans transgender girls from participating in female sports in schools

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NEW DELHIUpdated: Oct 26, 2021, 12:28 PM IST

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The state in the south of the United States is the latest to prevent transgender females from participating in female sports in public schools.Human rights organisations have promised to challenge the ban.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a measure prohibiting transgender females from participating in female sports in schools into law on Monday.

According to The Texas Tribune, transgender student-athletes in Texas will be barred from participating in K-12 school sports teams that match their gender identification.

Student-athletes competing in interscholastic contests will be required to participate on sports teams that correspond to the sex recorded on their birth certificate at or near the time of birth under House Bill 25.

It was drafted by state Rep. Valoree Swanson, R-Spring, and is due to take effect on January 18, according to The Texas Tribune.

The bill goes beyond the University Interscholastic League's current guidelines, which control school athletics in Texas.

The gender of a student is established by their birth certificate under current UIL standards.

However, UIL acknowledges lawfully updated birth certificates in which a person's sex has been altered to match their gender identification.

Swanson expressed her delight at Abbott's decision to sign HB 25 into law in a statement.

Swanson has said that the measure aims to promote fair competition in girls' sports while also upholding Title IX, a federal rule against sex-based discrimination in education. 

During a committee hearing, Swanson stated, "It's so very, very vital that we safeguard all that women have earned in the previous 50 years."

Meanwhile, the Equal rights advocacy organisations, on the other hand, have slammed the law as discriminatory.

The Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ rights, stated that it will continue to fight for the community.

It previously said that such measures will be challenged in court.



According to The Texas Tribune, supporters of transgender Texans argue that the debate is harmful not just to transgender youngsters, but also to cisgender girls and women who may not follow precisely conventional standards.

Nine states have approved laws prohibiting transgender youth participation in sports this year, according to the Trevor Project, a national suicide prevention and crisis intervention group for LGBTQ children.

Legal battles have already erupted in two of those states, Florida and West Virginia. 

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