Scary! Ex-Kremlin mastermind predicts formation of 'humanless democracies'

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New DelhiUpdated: Oct 13, 2021, 09:39 PM IST

In this file photo, a representative image of Artificial Intelligence can be seen. Photograph:(Twitter)

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Such claims of machine takover have been already made. Years like 1984 have come and gone but such a situation seemed far away. However, such situations appear more and more conceivable now with every advancement in tech

Machines rule our lives even today. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing and it itself is becoming more intelligent. People have become addicted to machines and machines are studying poetry and painting.

Claims of takover by the machines have been made before. Years like 1984 have come and gone but the calamity seems far away. However, such situations appear more and more conceivable with every advancement in tech.

Now, an ex-Kremlin mastermind Vladislav Surkov has predicted that next 100 years will see advent of 'humanless democracies'. Machines will control everything and humans will increasingly get relegated to sidelines.

Surkov's significance in Russian politics can be gauged by the fact that he was assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself till 2020.

In his piece written for the publication publication ‘Actual Comment', Surkov says that in next 100 years, internet will take a form of direct democracy. There will no longer be a need to elect a government. Instead, anyone who wants to can vote on a proposed legislation.

“For example, if you need another law on beekeeping, everyone who cares – beekeepers, honey enthusiasts, beauticians, pharmacists, people who have been stung by bees, people with allergies, lawyers, hive and smokehouse manufacturers, beeophiles and bee-haters, as well as those who always care about everything – can all directly participate in its drafting, introduction, discussion and adoption,” says Surkov as quoted by Russia Today.

There is no parliament in this scheme. In its place are communication tools, algorithms and moderators.”

Surkov paints a scary picture saying that people will be slowly removed from such a process and that machines will eliminate the human factor. He says that humans will have more and more comfort but will have less and less say in how things are run.