Race for fossil fuels created 'geo-political tensions', says Indian PM Modi at COP26

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GlasgowUpdated: Nov 03, 2021, 01:18 PM IST

Indian PM Narendra Modi (file photo). Photograph:(ANI)

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During his speech at COP26, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said solar energy is totally clean and sustainable.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told delegates at the UN climate summit that the race for fossil fuels has created "geo-political tensions".

He was speaking at the COP26 event on "accelerating clean technology innovation & development" in Glasgow.

"Solar energy is totally clean and sustainable. The challenge, however, is that this energy is only available during the day and is dependent on the weather," he said.

"One Sun, one world and one grid is the solution to this problem," India's prime minister said.

"The use of fossil fuels made some countries prosperous but it made the Earth and environment poor. The race for fossil fuels also created geo-political tensions." 

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"The amount of energy used by the world in a year, it's provided by the Sun in an hour- it is totally clean.

"ISRO is going to provide a solar calculator which will help in measuring the solar power potential of any area in the world which will help in installing solar plants," he added.

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