Numerous rare ice formations in Canada's Lake Manitoba makes people go wow

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Ottawa Published: Nov 27, 2021, 11:31 AM(IST)

Thousands of slush balls along the shore of Lake Manitoba in Canada. Photograph:( Twitter )

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Visitors to Lake Manitoba in Canada witnessed a rare phenomenon, where thousands of slush balls were formed along the shore of the massive lake. The weather conditions seem to be conducive for its formation

In what can be called a welcome surprise, visitors to Lake Manitoba in Canada witnessed a rare phenomenon, which is only seen every few years around the world.  

The weather conditions seem to have become conducive for the formation of thousands of slush balls along the shore of the massive lake.  

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Steep Rock Kayak owner Peter Hofbauer said, "I’ve seen pancake-shaped ice but not thousands of spherically shaped balls." Hofbauer said that he has lived in Manitoba for around 40 years.  

According to the experts, this phenomenon can be witnessed when air temperatures are below freezing and there are onshore winds and waves to ensure the waterway does not become a solid sheet of ice.  

Jeffrey Kavanaugh, associate professor, University of Alberta, said that finally some form of seeding will form into ice. It will continuously grow into a slush ball.  

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"Because of its relative rarity, slush ball formation isn’t particularly well understood," Kavanaugh added.  


On Twitter, a user, said, “What’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold! Lake Manitoba is putting on a show. This rare occurrence creates these ice balls. The shapes form as wind and waves move the almost frozen water combined with rapidly cooling air temps.”  

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