Note offering food on basis of price of gift at a wedding goes viral

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New DelhiUpdated: Sep 14, 2021, 02:06 AM IST

Representative image of a wedding. Photograph:(Zee News Network)

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A note, which has gone viral on social media, has revealed about a weird wedding, where the bride and groom have asked the guests to let them know how much they will spend on their wedding gift as the dinner was to be served on its basis. The photo of the note has got several likes and comments

The world is changing. Well, literally, in several terms. A note of a wedding is a living proof of the reality.   

In a recent wedding, the guest encountered a weird arrangement, reveals a note.    

The photo of the note, which shares details of the arrangement, has gone viral on social media. It has got several likes and comments.  

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In the note, the bride and groom have asked the guests to let them know how much they will spend on their wedding gift.  

On basis of the price of the gift, the hosts will offer food and refreshments.   

Around the world, people have been making several arrangements for guests at the weddings. All of this is done by the newlyweds to get the blessings of the visitors. But this wedding seems to have been the most unusual one.  


The note, which was shared on Reddit, had the caption, "Bigger cash gift = better dinner?".   

According to the note, the guests were divided into four categories, which were named Loving Gift, Golden Gift, Silver Gift and Platinum Gift.   

If the gift was worth $250, then it fell in 'Loving Gift' category, which had roast chicken or swordfish in dinner.  

The gifts worth between $251 and $500 will fall into 'Silver Gift' category, where guests will get dishes under the first category or choose between sliced steak and poached salmon, in dinner.  

In 'Golden Gift' category, gifts between $501 and $1000, will ensure guests can enjoy dishes under the first, second category or choose between filet mignon or lobster tails, in dinner.  

And finally, 'Platinum Gift' category for gifts above $1000 and below $2500, the dinner in it will be comprised of dishes under the first, second, third category or a lobster with a souvenir champagne goblet.