No, 5G waves do not transmit coronavirus!

WION Web Team New Delhi, India Apr 06, 2020, 11.07 AM(IST) Edited By: Bharat Sharma

A person poses holding a mobile telephone the camera showing a sign advertising 5G mobile telecommunication in a shop in London Photograph:( AFP )

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Uncanny, right? Not for many people in the United Kingdom

A new conspiracy is in town. And trust us, it doesn’t get more absurd than this!

A series of posts making the rounds on social media have started claiming that the new 5G technology could transmit coronavirus.

Uncanny, right? Not for many people in the United Kingdom.

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Recently, videos on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc showed mobile phone masts on fire in British cities of Birmingham and Merseyside. The fire was falsely attributed to coronavirus.

The scientific community has reiterated many times that the virus primarily spreads through surface contact followed by one touching their face with those infected hands.

Even now, many scientists have referred to the idea as “complete rubbish”. Additionally, it is also biologically impossible. The only way for the virus to spread through phone technology is if the infected person touches a phone, doesn’t disinfect it, and then someone else touches it, further creating a new cycle of the virus.

A classic case of fake news, the post has been shared by many famous users on social media.

The National Health Service’s England Medical Director Stephen Powis accurately called it “the worst kind of fake news”, the BBC reported.

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The conspiracy had been making rounds on social media for a couple of months, but gained traction only recently, triggering mass panic in the UK.

While many believe that 5G technology compromises the immune system and makes one susceptible to the virus, others believe that 5G tech simply spreads the virus.

However, there’s nothing to fear: the virus was passed on to humans from infected animals, and now spreads from humans to humans. No kind of technology or waves can spread coronavirus!