Meet Adama Traore, whose death identical to George Floyd is triggering protests in France

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New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jun 08, 2020, 06:13 PM IST

A protester holds a sign during a banned demonstration in memory of Adama Traore Photograph:(Reuters)

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'They died in exactly the same way,' Adam's sister Assa Traore said

The protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, United States has reached across the world, where several demonstrators denouncing racism. 

And this protest wave has given France a demand justice for Adama Traore, who was also a victim of police brutality and his killing was similar to that of Floyd. 

"They died in exactly the same way," Adam's sister Assa Traore said, reported Reuters. 

"Adama carried the weight of three officers on his body."

Adama, also a black man like Floyd, ran from the police during an argument over an identity check after he celebrated his birthday on July 19, 2016. 

He was nabbed after three police officers pinned him on the ground by using their combined body weight. He died as soon as the officials took him to a police station. 

His death triggered huge protests in France, where police's high-handed actions and racism remain unaddressed. 

Recently, the content of a Facebook group was leaked where police officers used sexist and racist terms and mocked victims of police brutality.

Even after four years, there has not been any prosecution as medical experts still couldn't conclude whether Adama died of police actions or prevailing medical condition.  

The protests that have all faded have revived recently in France, sparked by the murder of Floyd. 

Last week, thousands in France protested throughtout the week, with chants saying "let us breathe", "no justice, no peace". 

"It’s a strong, powerful echo," Assa said. 

Adama's friends and family members are urging for support for holding nationwide protests in France. 

"All the light shed on the George Floyd case has served as a reminder of the numerous other victims who died in the same conditions as George Floyd," said actor Almamy Kanoute, who is a part of the campaign that demands justice for Adama.  

"We’re not saying the police in France are the same as in the United States. But the deadly techniques used in the United States are the same ones as in some European countries, the same ones that kill the same type of people."