Maradona's legacy will continue and so seems the battle for his inheritance

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Nov 30, 2020, 11:35 PM(IST)

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Sources say Maradona has left no will and a lifetime of excesses both on and off the field is bound to lead to complications

Tributes are still pouring in from across the world for footballing giant Diego Maradona who passed away on November 25. 

On Sunday, Leo Messi, the sentimental heir to Maradona's legacy as Argentina's footballing god gave his personal tribute to the 60-year-old in Barcelona's 4-0 win over Osasuna in La Liga.

However, for Maradona's actual heirs, a messy legal battle for a share of his inheritance could be in the offing. 

Sources say Maradona has left no will and a lifetime of excesses both on and off the field is bound to lead to complications. 

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''The times of the probation trial will depend on the will of the parties, it will depend on what Maradona's children, the declared heirs, want to do. It will depend on the internal disputes they have within the incidents in the inheritance. If there are no disputes, the times may be very short, they should not exceed three months,'' said Martin Apolo, Buenos Aires-based soccer lawyer. 

For several in Argentina and Naples, Maradona was a god-like figure. 

He was also a devoted father to his two daughters, Giannina and Dalma despite occasional disputes. 

However, he was also unfaithful to his wife Claudia Villafane, who was his childhood love and wife of 19 years. 

Maradona in the past had acknowledged three other children born out of wedlock but also faced paternity suits by many others including three children in Cuba. 

''Claudia Villafane (Maradona's ex-wife) in this case could not have access to Maradona's inheritance because she lost that right when she divorced him," Apolo said. 

"Afterwards, there was no public news Maradona remarried. Therefore, I understand there is no one with equal or greater rights than his five children who were actually recognised and have Maradona's surname."

According to the law in Argentina, two-thirds of a person's assets must be left to the spouse or children. 

The Argentinian footballing giant, even though, spent millions over the course of his career, but he still has an estimated worth of close to 90 million. 

Other than his luxury cars, massive property and jewellery gifted by fans, his iconic items, including his famous jersey in which he scored Hand of God goal can generate millions. 

Already his death has caused a family feud with one former partner saying she was not allowed at the funeral and so an all-out war for his wealth seems certain. 

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