Man declared dead by 3 doctors 'wakes up' just before autopsy

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New Delhi Published: Jul 25, 2021, 09:45 PM(IST)

Representative image Photograph:( Reuters )

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It's unthinkable what would have happened had the man not woken up before the autopsy!

It's a mad world. And strange things happen everywhere. Facts are sometimes truly whackier than fiction. A man declared dead by no less than 3 doctors 'woke up' just before his autopsy.

The incident, mentioned in a report by ScienceAlert, took place in Spain. 

The day was January 7, 2018. Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, a prisoner serving prison sentence in a Spanish prison was found unresponsive. The prisoner was attended by two doctors who were on duty that day in the prison. Jimenez was declared dead by both of them.

Just to be sure, apparently, a forensic doctor was called in and the prisoner was declared dead the third time.

Usual bureaucratic procedures kicked in, Jimenez was put in a body bag and kept in cold storage of the mortuary. His body was marked with scalpel marks to carry out the autopsy.

It was in the mortuary that physicians realised something was terrbly wrong. They heard sound of snoring.

Coming from inside the body bag!

By this time, Jimenez had spent time in the cold storage and inside the body bag. But he was miraculously not dead.

He was then shifted to a hospital where he was said to be in stable condition.

Hospital authorities told the media that this could have been a case of Catalepsy, in which human body enters a seizure or trans-like stage and loses consciousness and sensation.

It's unimaginable what would have happened had Jimenez not woke up in time!

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