Spray planes can counter worst locust outbreak in eastern Africa: United Nations

WION Web Team Nairobi, Kenya Feb 03, 2020, 03.07 PM(IST)

Locust plague Photograph:( Reuters )

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Billions of locusts have descended in parts of Kenya.

Small planes that can spray pesticides are the only effective way to combat the worst locusts outbreak in 70 years in Kenya, according to the United Nations (UN).

According to the UN, $76million is immediately needed to widen such efforts across east Africa.

Experts have warned that a quick response to the problem is vital as if it is left unchecked, the number of locusts can grow up to 500 times by June.

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Billions of locusts have descended in several parts of Africa. Currently, only five planes are spraying pesticides in the country to counter the problem.

As per UN reports, the normally bouncing locusts became dozy, slow and die just hours after the spraying, they lay scattered on the ground, crunching underfoot.

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Additional aid will be consequential in providing assistance to combat the problem.

The authorities of the country are trying to restraint the locusts from spreading to neighbouring countries like Uganda and South Sudan.

The locusts had swept into the country from Somalia and Ethiopia after unusually heavy rains in the past few months.

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It led to the decimation of crops in some areas and it threatened the lives of vulnerable people hit by a hunger crisis.

Parts of Sudan, Djibouti and Eritrea were also adversely affected the swarms of locusts.