COVID-19: Travellers warned of rising virus cases in Europe

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Madrid, Spain Updated: Jul 07, 2022, 01:59 PM(IST)

However, wearing a mask is still required in public indoors such as hospitals and on public transportations. Photograph:( AFP )

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Countries like Greece, Spain, France, and Germany have been reporting an increase in cases

Tourists travelling to and from the European continent are advised to take precautions against COVID-19 because cases are on the rise, especially in the popular destination areas. Health officials have warned travellers to take personal accountability and are advocating for the quick reinstatement of the restrictions in some situations. Countries like Greece, Spain, France, and Germany have been reporting an increase in cases. Medical professionals have advised people to receive the full vaccinations- with a double dose and either one or two booster shots, depending on the age factor and health risks before travelling, reported The Guardian.

Greece is one of the nations that has noted an increase in the instances reported recently. As per the health officials, cases are currently concentrated in major tourist areas, with instances primarily affecting people between the age group of 18 and 24. However, wearing a mask is still required in public indoors, such as hospitals and on public transport.

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In Spain, cases have increased by more than 60 per cent. Medical professionals have stated the current level as "alarming" and the local media is reporting that after years of pandemic restrictions and probable conditions for the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant BA.5, which is assisting in the mergence of a new wave.

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However, travellers from Germany and Austria are recommended to get covid travel cancellation insurance if they are worried that illness or virus-related cancellations would cause their vacations to be cut short.

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Christian Drosten, a virologist who has been a leading voice in educating Germans about the virus, issued a warning against the advice that was being disseminated on social media, encouraging people to get in touch with the virus in the summer in order to develop an immunity to it in the colder winter months.


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