Chinese COVID vaccine Sinovac throws up four different efficacy rates

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New Delhi Published: Jan 13, 2021, 02.30 PM(IST)

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The confusion, which comes as several governments commit to inoculating their citizens with Sinovac’s shot, is fueling skepticism over Chinese vaccines

As China struggles to earn credibility for its coronavirus vaccine. Wildly different efficacy rates reported from different corners of the world have raised questions on the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech ltd.

Several countries across the world have opted for the Chinese vaccine to be used in their vaccination programs. Indonesia is moving the fastest to distribute Sinovac vaccine to citizens. The local trial in Indonesia showed an efficacy of 65 per cent. However, since only 1620 people had participated in the test, the data is not considered to be meaningful.

Last month, Turkey said that Sinovac vaccine showed the efficacy of 91.25 per cent. Again, the local trial was too small to draw sufficient conclusion.

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Biggest trial of Sinovac vaccine is being carried out in Brazil involving 13,000 people. However, varying effiicacy rates have been publicised. Sinovac's local partner, Butanan Institute said that vaccine was 78 per cen effective in preventing mild COVID-19 infection and 100 per cent effective in case of serious infection.

Also Read | Chinese COVID vaccine Sinovac throws up four different efficacy rates

However, on Tuesday, Butanan Institute said that overall efficacy rate was actually 50.38 per cent.

The confusion over the Chinese vaccine is giving rise to skepticism.

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