China conducted two hypersonic missile tests: Report

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LondonUpdated: Oct 21, 2021, 04:34 PM IST
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China had denied reports that it had conducted a hypersonic missile test claiming that it was a "space vehicle" and not a missile.

According to a report, China conducted two hypersonic missile tests in July and August and not just one test as reported earlier.

Financial Times of London had reported last week that Xi's regime had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August. The newspaper claimed today that China had in fact conducted two tests - the first on July 27 and another on August 13.

China had dismissed reports that it had conducted the test when the first report came out declaring that it was a "space vehicle" and not a missile.

US President Joe Biden however had expressed concern over the surprise tests conducted by China. The London-based newspaper claimed China launched the missile as it travelled through space and circled around the globe and then came down to hit a target which it reportedly missed by a few miles.

China's foreign ministry while denying the report said that the single test had taken place in July and not August and that it was a "routine test".

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China's foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the test was meant to "verify technology of spacecraft’s reusability" conducted for peaceful purposes. The aim of the test according to the Chinese spokesman was to reduce the cost of using spacecraft

Hypersonic missiles can reportedly evade advanced radars as it travels more than five times the speed of sound over the upper atmosphere making it one of the most advanced weapons in modern warfare.

As China denied reports, Russia backed China asserting that "China is developing its arms systems within the framework of its international obligations."

Russia which has tested hypersonic missiles of its own said that it does not break "international obligations with regards to arms control". 

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