Britain: Salesman sues Nokia for 1 million pounds; claims phone gave him brain tumour

WION Web Team
New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 14, 2018, 08:28 PM IST

File photo. Photograph:(Reuters)

Smartphone manufacturing company Nokia has been sued by a salesman in Britain for 1 million pounds as he claimed that he developed a brain tumour by his mobile phone.

In the filed lawsuit, 60-year-old Neil Whitefield has claimed that while due to the excessive use of his Nokia cellphone during his salesman job in the later 1990s he developed an acoustic neuroma tumour.

He has claimed that his tumour saw a deadly growth due to the nature of his job in which he was always glued to his phone. He would even use his phone while driving. 

Neil developed an acoustic neuroma tumour on a nerve between his inner ear and brain over a span of five years.

Neil also got an operation done in 2001 after which he got deaf in one year eventually leading him to leave his job.

According to reports he also claimed in his lawsuit that he often noticed heat coming from his phone. Neil has claimed that a tumour became as big as golf ball due to which his inner ear organs had to be removed following which he is can't even wear a hearing aid.

Neil used to have Nokia 5510 and a team of experts is carrying out radiation tests on various phones including Niel's Nokia 5510.

Media reports quoted Neil saying that he filed this suit for the betterment of his children and future generations.

Coming amid the long-running reports stating mobile use can cause cancer, Neil's lawsuit has triggered a fear for other mobile companies as well as many others can also be encouraged by this to file a similar lawsuit.