Are Americans listening to Donald Trump's 'Great American story'?

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Aug 25, 2020, 02:53 AM(IST)

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The convention began with the nomination of Donald Trump for his second term and will culminate with a live acceptance speech by Trump, all the way from the White House

In the United States, the race to the White House is heating up. After the Democratic Convention, a four-day celebration of the US president has begun. 

The difference, though, is unlike the Democratic one, this is not an entirely virtual event. 

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At least 336 Republican delegates from all over America have gathered in Charlotte, North America. 

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For the next three days, they will be honouring what they call "The Great American Story" and US President Donald Trump. 

The convention will highlight four years of the Trump administration, the promises he delivered on, the governance he has transformed, the international agreements he has secured and the greatness that America has achieved under him. 

The convention began with the nomination of Donald Trump for his second term and will culminate with a live acceptance speech by Trump, all the way from the White House. 

Amid all this, take a look at some of the developments in America. 

There are large-scale protests outside the Charlotte Convention Centre, where dozens of 'Black Lives Matter' demonstrators are facing off with the police. 

The authorities say the protesters are trying to derail the Convention, though the protesters say they just want Trump to acknowledge their concerns in his speech. 

Meanwhile, most leading news websites have been inundated with Trump campaign ads. This is because the Trump campaign has invested heavily in 'premium' or 'unskippable' ads on most websites. 

Also, the Trump campaign is using snippets from the 'Howdy Modi' event held last year to woo Indian American voters. 

In fact, they have released an entire campaign video dedicated to America's friendship with India, headline as "four more years". 

There are some other controversies too that surround the Republican Convention. The row about mail-in voting, which Trump says will lead to fraud. 

The pandemic is driving many Americans to vote through this system but there are concerns as US Postal Service is cash-strapped and will find it difficult to function on a national scale. 

However, Democrat-run House of Representatives has recently voted to provide US Postal Service with $25 billion to fix the system.

But, Louis DeJoy, US Postmaster General is still in two minds, saying that the money won't be enough to solve the problem. 

The Democrats called him a Republican operative and blamed him for undertaking some operation changes in the system to suit Trump's party. 

DeJoy testified before the US House Committee earlier today and the details of the testimony are still awaited. 

It seems Trump's wax replicas are also in trouble.

Trump is the best-selling model for the Shanghai-based arts organisation.

Zheng Sheng, the manager of the company, is still waiting for new orders for Trump's replicas as the Wuhan virus has hit the orders. 

He is now thinking of switching to make Biden's replicas and in the US too, the tide is seeming to turn into Joe Biden's favour. 

Even before the Republican National Convention began, the American media was lauding Biden for his performance at the Democratic event.

Much to Biden's surprise, Fox News, Trump's primary source for most of his arguments, praised him.

Three days ago, Fox News carried this headline: 'Biden promises a healing presence in a speech praised by Left and Right'. 

Trump may be losing his friends in the media and the Republican Convention could be his last chance to win them back. 

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