China: Blast occurred in the air separation unit

Aerial footage taken on Saturday has revealed the scale of devastation after a huge explosion ripped through a gas factory in central China's Henan Province on Friday. The explosion took place at around 17:45 at an air separation unit of the gas factory owned by the Henan Coal Gas (Group) Co. Ltd., located in the city of Yima. At least 10 people have been killed, with 19 severely injured and five others remaining missing, while many others are thought to have sustained injuries. The core blast site has been reduced to ruins and covered by massive dust and debris, with all major facilities having collapsed. The force of the explosion also heavily impacted on the surrounding area with severe damage being seen as far as 300 meters away from the core blast site. The ground nearby is covered with a mess of broken glass, rubble from collapsed walls, and a huge sea of debris. A pungent smell also still hangs in the air. All glass from windows within a radius of three kilometers was shattered due to the powerful shockwave triggered by the blast, while buildings in the area have been damaged to varying degrees.