This snake venom 'super glue' can stop bleeding in seconds

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NEW DELHI Published: Jul 26, 2021, 12:37 PM(IST)

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According to an international study, a bioadhesive gel derived from the venom of lancehead snakes (Bothrops atrox)—a poisonous snake found in South America—can instantly stop severe bleeding.

Snake venom, which can stop hearts or chew through tissue, could save lives.

According to scientists, a 'super glue' made from the venom of a very toxic snake can be used to halt bleeding.

A bioadhesive gel or tissue sealant made from the venom of lancehead snakes (Bothrops atrox), one of the most deadly snakes found in South America, may stop serious bleeding instantaneously, according to an international study.

All that is required is to put the glue to the wound and then shine a light on it to seal it.

The study's findings were reported in Science Advances.

While synthetic adhesives are easy to work with, their breakdown can be hazardous.

Natural bioadhesives, on the other hand, are more likely to "have outstanding biocompatibility," according to the authors of a new article, although they have limited overall integrity and adherence.

The venom induces excessive clotting until the prey's body can no longer make any clots and instead begins to bleed excessively, a condition known as consumption coagulopathy.

The chemical reptilase (or batroxobin) responsible for blood clotting was isolated by scientists.

This enzyme is already employed in laboratory diagnostic procedures to detect fibrinogen levels, a substance produced in our livers and converted for usage in blood clots by our bodies.

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