This 'black box for Earth' will record everything as our civilisation dies

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New Delhi Published: Dec 06, 2021, 06:49 PM(IST)

(Image: The black box being set up in Tasmania, Australia Photograph:( Others )

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The black box will record carbon levels, temperature change. It will also be equipped with an algorithm which will allow it to surf the net, even check relevant social media posts

You know what's a black box right? A box inside aircrafts which collects vital information before the plane is about to crash. As irreversible the damage in that particular air crash is, information contained in the black box sheds some major light on reasons behind the crash. Analysis of this information helps in preventing such catastrophe in future. 

A similar sort of black box is being built for Earth. So is Earth in danger? Is it akin to an aircraft primed for a crash? Many scientists say so. While this 'crash' may not be a literal one, effects of climate change are said to have massive impact on human civilisation.

This black box is being built on western coast of Tasmania, Australia. Its mission is to 'record every step' humankind takes towards eventual destruction.

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While all this business sounds gloomy, the information contained in this black box is expected to be a warning to future civilisations. In simpler terms, this may be a manual for 'how not to commit civilisational suicide'.

The black box is currently in beta stage of testing. When it's complete, this black box will be the size of a school bus with 3-inch-thick steel coating. It will have solar panels. It will also have data storage drives.

Once activated, the black box will measure atmospheric carbon levels and temperature changes. It will also be equipped with an algorithm that will enable it to surf the net in search of vital information, even social media posts.

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This black box is being built by marketing communications company Clemenger BBDO in collaboration with researchers in University of Tasmania.

It is estimated that storage drives will last for next 30 to 50 years.

End of the world is THAT close? Yikes!

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