Her car is sinking in ice-cold water, but a woman calmly takes selfie

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New Delhi Updated: Jan 20, 2022, 12:07 AM(IST)

Selfie first! Even atop a sinking car! Photograph:( Twitter )

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Netizens are facepalming at whatever this was. This legendary lesson on prioritising was given in Ottawa, Canada. Selfie first, safety later

You are driving a car in unforgiving winter. The ice is slippery. The wheels leave the road and the vehicle takes a plunge in the ice-cold waters of a roadside lake

A painful death is perhaps certain. 

But you move quickly and manage to escape the sinking vehicle (A VERY hard thing to do). You climb onto whichever part of the car that's still above surface. So far so good.

But the battle is not yet won. There remains the hard task of jumping in freezing water and swimming to safety.

The battle is not yet won! A lot needs to be...

'Ah chuck it! Let me take a selfie.'

Netizens are facepalming at the probable thought process of a woman who was seen smiling and taking a selfie atop her sinking car. The bizarre incident took place in Ottawa, Canada. It is not yet known who is the woman or where was she going when she drove her car into the lake.

As per reports, the woman was rescued. But the photo is doing rounds on social media. People are amused and even angry at the woman.


Some netizens are angry that she apparently had scant respect for her would be rescuers or that she put herself into danger in the first place.

"Unbelievably.  This person should pay for the emergency services required for this call, environmental charges due to car (gas, oil etc) in water, vehicle removal and insurance not covering anything.  Including reimbursement for the car," says @PalmerRapids

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