Privacy apps you needed to have downloaded in 2020

WION Web Team
New DelhiUpdated: Dec 24, 2020, 03:04 PM IST

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With data of whole of our lives going digital, it doesn't hurt to guard our privacy

Internet is a wonderful place but there are many pitfalls. With net neutrality going bye-bye and several other things changing over the years, it has been important to keep yourself and your identity online safe when needed. With data of whole of our lives going digital, it doesn't hurt to guard our privacy. With trackers, cookies and whatnot, this is increasingly becoming difficult. But there's a way to keep yourself safe online. Here we recommend privacy apps that'll help you surf the net freely and securely

1. Signal (Android, iOS)

There are messaging apps galore and each one claims to be supersafe for its users. There's WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

But if you are searching for a secure messenger app that has got good endorsements, then choose Signal.

Signal protects your text, voice messages and even videos with end-t-end encryption. This bit by Signal has even found to have been useful for protesters to protect their identities.

The open-source app has got endorsements from Amnesty International, Committee to Protect Journalists, Mozilla and even US Military.

The app is free.

2. Tor (Android)

Not even Google Chrome's incognito mode does what you think when it comes to anonymous web browsing. But by using Tor, its possible to come closest to true anonymity on the net.

Tor browser is available free to download for your desktop. 

Whether you want to keep your web browsing a secret for the sake of your job or safety or you don't want companies tracking you as you surf the net, Tor browser is for you. It is available for Android but currently not for iOS.


3. Onion Browser (iOS)

Don't sulk if you want to surf web anonymously and can't download Tor Browser because you don't have Android phone. Onion Browser does the same trick for iOS.

Onion browsers offers three levels of protection (gold, silver and bronze)

4. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (Android,iOS)

DuckDuckGo has become quite popular in this category because of the ease of its use. It doesn't block certain of your browsing habits like Tor Browser does but offers good protection from trackers on a particular website.

It automatically blocks third-party trackers and forces websites to use encrypted (more secure) connection when available.

5. ProtonMail (Android,iOS)

ProtonMail lets users encrypt and later self-destruct their e-mails so they don't remain lying around in your recipient's inbox for too much time and potentially letting crawlers get the info.

ProtonMail works like Gmail but it lets users put an extra layer of security on their e-mails.

6. Haven (Android)

Want to stop unwanted people from sneakily checking your phone when you are not around? Haven is for you.

Haven turns your phone into a motion-sensitive camera. It can detect light, sound and vibration too.

So if someone is to break into your home when you are taking a walk. Haven will not only detect it but also send you pictures of the person.