'India not our enemy country' - Danish Kaneria slams Shahid Afridi, makes explosive remark on Twitter

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New Delhi, India Updated: May 09, 2022, 03:19 PM IST


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Former Pakistan spinner Danish Kaneria hit back at Shahid Afridi over his recent remarks and also made an explosive revelation via Twitter on Monday (May 09).

Danish Kaneria's feud with former Pakistan captain and all-rounder Shahid Afridi continues to make the headlines. It all started with Kaneria's claims where he revealed that Afridi never wanted him to be part of the Pakistan cricket team, during his playing days, and didn't favour him on religious grounds.

"Shoaib Akhtar was the first person to talk about my problem in public. Hats off to him for saying it (how I was mistreated in the team because of being a Hindu). However, he was later pressured by several authorities. He then stopped talking about it. But yes, it did happen to me. I was always degraded by Shahid Afridi. We used to play together for the same department, he used to keep me on the bench and didn't let me play the one-day tournament," Kaneria had told IANS during a recent conversation.

To this, Afridi joined in and slammed the tainted Pakistani spinner with some hard-hitting remarks. "And the person saying all this, look at his own character. He is accusing me to get cheap fame and make money. Kaneria was like my younger brother and I played with him in the department for many years," Afridi was quoted as saying by the

On Monday morning (May 09), Kaneria fired shots once again at Afridi. Replying to Afridi's comments where he mentioned India as an enemy country, Kaneria schooled the ex all-rounder and wrote, "India is not our enemy. Our enemies are those who instigate people in the name of religion. If you consider India as your enemy, then don't ever go to any Indian media channel."

He soon tweeted saying, "When I raised my voice against forced conversion, I was threatened that my career would be destroyed."


While the war of words between Pakistani cricketers isn't new in world cricket, Kaneria and Afridi's feud is taking a turn for the worse with each passing day. Given that Kaneria -- who remains Pakistan's leading wicket-taker in Tests among spinners -- runs his own Youtube channel, he might drop some more big statements with regard to the whole controversy. 

Meanwhile, Afridi is also expected to hit back at his former teammate.