'Conspiracy' is being hatched to kill me, Imran Khan tells supporters

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Sialkot Updated: May 15, 2022, 04:23 PM(IST)

(File photo) Pakistan PM Imran Khan Photograph:( AFP )

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Khan said he has recorded a video which will be made public in case anything happens to him

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday alleged that there was a 'conspiracy' to kill him, reported Geo News. He also made an allegation that there was a conspiracy against his government. Khan added that he has made a video disclosing those behind this conspiracy and if anything happens to him, the video will be made public. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) party leader said that the video has been stored in a 'safe place'. Imran Khan was addressing his supporters in Sialkot.

"They (without specifying) have decided to kill Imran Khan. And this is why I have recorded this video as I don`t consider what I do as politics, but this is jihad to me," the ousted premier said.

Khan said he has named everyone, the people who were involved in the "conspiracy" abroad and at home.

"I have said in the video that the names of every person who conspired against my government are etched on my heart."

Imran Khan said that he had made the video because powerful people are not held accountable in Pakistan. He reportedly said that through this video he would expose who went "against the country`s interest"everyone.

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Khan said that during his tenure, he wanted to hold the corrupt politicians accountable, but the "powerful people" who could do that have now accepted corruption as a norm.

The ousted Prime Minister urged people to come out against the government and support the PTI as if they do not do this, "you will have no future".

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