Scientists discover 'previously unrecognised' water ice reservoir on Mars

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Washington, United States Published: Dec 18, 2020, 04:37 PM(IST)

NASA's MRO spacecraft captured this view of a part of Nereidum Montes on Mars Photograph:( Twitter )

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The study ties in with other research on the history and current presence of water on Mars. NASA shared a 'treasure map' of water ice deposits on Mars in 2019

When humans get to Mars one day, they'll have some pressing needs. One of those is water.

Water is substantial and difficult to move through space, so preferably they'll have the option to discover what they need to make due on Mars itself. 

A new study led by researchers at the Planetary Science Institute (PSI) points to a "large, previously unrecognized reservoir of water ice" in the Nereidum Montes region of Mars. 

The paper - distributed in the diary Icarus - inspected Viscous Flow Features (VFFs), frosty developments found on the red planet. 

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VFFs have been contrasted and chilly arrangements on Earth and could be a likely wellspring of water for space travelers. 

"Our radar examination shows that in any event one of these highlights is around 500 meters thick and almost 100 per cent ice, with a flotsam and jetsam covering all things considered ten meters thick," said PSI Senior researcher Daniel Berman, lead creator of the paper, in articulation on Monday. 

These water ice stores could speak to "conceivably the biggest groupings of any non-polar area in the southern half of the globe," as indicated by PSI. The specialists utilized information from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to find the VFFs, which date to inside the last hardly any million years of the planet's set of experiences. 

The study ties in with other research on the history and current presence of water on Mars. NASA shared a "treasure map" of water ice deposits on Mars in 2019.

While it's enticing to pack a hairdryer and straw and head for Nereidum Montes, it won't be that straightforward for future red planet adventurers. "This area would be an intriguing landing site because of the lot of ice, which could be utilized as a hotspot for water," Berman said. "Shockingly, it is bumpy territory and it would almost certainly be extremely hard to land there."

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