5 simple ways to tech up your house party this festive season

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Dec 23, 2016, 12.10 PM(IST) Written By: Ankit Tuteja

Props for your house party. Photograph:( WION )

With the year coming to an end, it’s time to forget all your worries, take a much-needed break and celebrate the festive season with your friends and family. While some of you may have already finalised their party plans for Christmas and New Year, some must still be undecided on how to ring in the New Year. And when there is no plan, house parties are the best.

So if you are mulling over having one at your house this festive season, we bring you the most interesting and fun ways to plan one. And the best part is most of the things listed below can be done with things at your disposal, without you having to go out and shop.

1. Selfie booth: Parties are incomplete without selfies. We understand that you all have smartphones with great cameras to take as many pictures as you want, but with hundreds of pictures on 20 different phones, a lot can get lost and every photo may not reach everyone. So how about the idea of having all photos in one place? And we believe the best way to do so is by setting up a selfie booth at your party.

Use a phone, selfie stick (and/or a tripod if you have), and some props to add flavour to photos, and voila! To make the experience even better, enable gesture(s) on the front camera for your guests to take photos without even touching the handset. After the party is over, you can create a group and share all those photos with everyone.

2. Croon to the tune: There are different types of guests at a party. Some love to dance, some love to sing and some just simply enjoy both. And therefore, we suggest you to make your party richer by having a karaoke zone in addition to the occasional dance floor.

With so many karaoke tracks available online, it’s pretty simple to set up. Just place your laptop either on a high table (or for that matter, a low table with bean bags for people to sit) and keep the site with karaoke tracks opened. Attach a microphone and a speaker to it, and it’s ready. Let people choose their tracks and sing what they enjoy.

3. Let people be their own DJ: We all have our favourite tracks. And what more fun could it be for people than dance to their own tracks at a party. So we suggest all hosts to set up a music corner opened to all instead of keeping all music controls in their hand.

Connect a phone (with a music streaming app opened on it) to a Bluetooth speaker and let everyone own the music corner. Isn’t it a good idea to let people dance to the tracks they like?

4. Pump up the bass: Grooving to dance numbers in those high heels and fancy shoes gets uncomfortable (and at times, painful) after a point. And for all those trying times, we have an ultimate tech solution for you. How about having a foot massager in one corner for people to relax at intervals? This may sound bizarre, but it’s likely to be very effective.

This will not only re-energise people to hit the dance floor again, but will also keep the party rolling until late.

5. Silent disco: There is no harm in carrying on with the party till late in the night, but it’s not a good idea to have fun by causing inconvenience to neighbours. So for all those late-night party people, you can set up a silent disco. Just arrange for a few (preferably, wireless) headphones and keep them on a table in a corner. As the night approaches, you can switch to the silent disco, wherein people can connect headphones to their respective phones and dance to their personal favourites. Imagine a picture with everyone dancing to different beats. It’s not only cool but also happens to be a socially responsible way to party till late in the night.

You can let us know your favourite one in the comments section below.